Thursday 14 October 2010

Tapped & Packed, Fitzrovia

While we're on the subject of coffee, it doesn't come much better than at Tapped & Packed, where the cool kids hang in Fitzrovia.

The coffee is seriously good - the house blend espresso comes from Climpson & Sons, but there's a range of blends available from trusted roasters such as Square Mile and Union. Different single origin blends are on offer daily. Tapped & Packed are particularly known for their filter brews and have coffee brewed by siphon, aeropress, pour over and cafetiere. It is the kind of place, I suspect, that will be right on top of whatever else emerges as the latest thing in the coffee universe.

There's also an excellent array of hearty sandwiches, cakes and salads available at lunch. I love the salt beef baguette with cream cheese, salad and a hint of gherkin in there somewhere - I now crave it regularly. The crayfish on granary bread is also a favourite. Sandwiches are generally priced at around £3.50-£4.50, while a flat white or latte will set you back £2.20. There are pastries, fruit salads and sandwiches at breakfast - although I've never made it that early, TPG texts me in glee to announce he just paid 50p for 2 slices of toast "with jam, lots of jam" on his way to work.

The mood is casual, with a media/office-y crowd. Big wooden tables are laden with those mysterious types who seem able to conduct their business meetings with laptops in cool cafes all day long (just what do they do, and how can I join?). Or, you can sit up at the bar with a paper and watch the coffee machine work its magic.

Tapped & Packed was a runner up in Time Out London's Best New Coffee 2010 category.

Another fine London coffee haunt to add to the list.

Tapped & Packed, 26 Rathbone Place, Fitzrovia, London, W1T 1JD (Tel: 0207 580 2163)

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  1. I told you not to mention the mega-cheap tooooooooooooast. TPG

  2. This place is just around the corner from my office so I do go there quite a bit (although always feel disloyal to Milk Bar, my main squeeze) - you are totally spot on with the vibe and whilst I am about 10 years past being a Fitzrovia "cool kid" I like to think I am a hip 40-something media whore!


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