Wednesday 6 October 2010

Greedy Diva is 1 today - Announcing "The Big Quiz" Comp Winner

It's a year ago today that this blog was born. The Greedy Diva is officially out of nappies.

It's been the best of times (hello vodka tasting at Bob Bob Ricard), it's been the worst of times (some pretty special Blogger downloading moments spring to mind), but it's certainly been a hoot.

The Greedy Diva came onto the scene during the first few weeks after Polpo opened, and given it's one of my favourite restaurants, it's fitting that Polpo was the subject of my first ever review. (Le Gavroche was the second - that was quite a good week).

Best of all about this blogging caper are the fantastic friends I've made along the way. Thanks to all of those who have shown support to keep this here blog still alive and kicking all the way to the dinner table.

The traditional gift for a first anniversary is paper. So how fitting that I'm giving away tickets to the lucky winner of my Greedy Giveaway competition today.

The lucky winner of the 2 tickets to The Big Quiz at Le Cafe Anglais for the London Restaurant Festival is: Jules at Townfood.

Congratulations Jules!

To further mark the occassion, I have finally created a new page highlighting my favourite restaurants in London. Here it is, folks: Favourite London Restaurants.

Thanks again for stopping by.



    Here's to the year to come!

  2. Happy Blog Birthday! It's good to have a page with all your fave restaurants on it but we must do something to get some mid-price Chinese places on there!

  3. Happy Birthday! You've done SUCH a fantastic job over the last year - your blog is always a great read and I look to it for inspiration on where to eat out.

    Looking forward to the next year of reading!


  4. Happy Bloggy Birthday!! So glad you started this blog otherwise we never would have met! Here's to many more years! And I'm sure you've heard this before but.. try Wordpress! Sooooo much better than blogger :)

  5. Happy Blog-Birthday also from me! Like your favourite restaurant list, so many places I still need to try..!

  6. Many happy returns of the day! Always enjoy your get to review places I can only dream of while pressing my nose against the glass and staring forlornly at the menu.

    Please keep it up as I do like to live vicariously through others!

  7. Happy blogiversary Greedy Diva! I'll echo what @catty said - both about doing the blog and also about WordPress.

    I loke the new page and am totally with you BBR, Vinoteca and F&L. When it comes to Thai you should give Siam Central a run, it's pretty decent, although London is still a long LONG way off Melbourne and Sydney (and Bangkok, no matter what David Thompson says) when it comes to Thai food.

  8. Happy happy blog birthday! May there be many more!

  9. Kavey - Thanks!

    Mr Noodles - Yes, always happy for you to lead me around to some of your favs!

    Food For Think - Oh, thank you! Too kind!

    Catty - Wordpress, Wordpress, I know..! Great to meet you too!

    Ute - Thanks! I look forward to adding to it.

    Graphic Foodie - Thank you.

    Miss South - Thank you!

    Grubworm - Yep, Thais the hard one for those of us used to so many good options in Australia. I must try Siam Central.

    Su-Lin - Thank you!

  10. Well done for making it through a year!! Congratulations and Happy Birthday to your blog.


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