Monday 30 August 2010

Yoshino, Soho/Mayfair

A quick shout out for Yoshino, secretively tucked away off the Piccadilly main drag.

The menu changes monthly. We tried the Yoshini Zen Yuki set meal for £9.80 – grilled crispy skinned mackerel (just watch out for the bones), 3 fresh tuna rolls, sashimi salad in wasabi miso dressing, crunchy green bean and sesame salad, sunomono (a thinly sliced salad of radishes marinated in rice vinegar), potato salad, pickles and home made miso soup. All were presented in 3 shiny, lacquer boxes lined up across the table. For £9.80, this was an absolute bargain. Alternatively, fried chicken or fried tuna are offered in place of the mackerel.

Colourful sushi and sashimi platters range from around £16 - £30 and we also witnessed some fantastic looking tempura dishes (ranging from £3.80 - £11.80).

If you work nearby, this would be a great option for the super cheap lunch time deals starting at around £5.80. Or they do take away.

The interior is a bit sterile upstairs, but full of happy customers, even on a Monday night. I prefer the ground floor sushi bar which has more character. Service is friendly and unobtrusive, and the ambience is unpretentious and casual.

Yoshino also has a store, Delicatessen Yoshino, which sells fresh sushi at 59 Shaftesbury Avenue (near Chinatown).

Thanks to Jen for the recommendation!

Yoshino, 3 Piccadilly Place, W1J OBD (Tel: 020 7287 6622)

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  1. Love finding out about these cheap and cheerful style sushi places - my favourite of that ilk is Pham Sushi in Farringdon

  2. Gourmet Chick - Me too. I haven't tried Pham Sushi - will put it on my list. Thanks.

  3. that looks great! I firmly believe that you need at least one good, reliable and not exorbitant sushi place to rely on! :D

  4. Lorraine - I agree! They can be hard to track down.


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