Monday 2 August 2010

Greedy Diva is back from hiatus

Hi Greedy Diva readers,

I have been strangely silent due to a rather relaxing sojourn in Italy. There's nothing like a constant face full of carbonara to keep one muzzled.

From the sweltering streets of Rome, to the clear blue waters of Puglia, I return to you with tales to tell, red wine stained lips, a mild pot belly, and a most satisfying tan (even despite my sensible SPF 30 plus and big hat regime).

From milky smelling cheese factories, to silky smooth wines, to salty seafood by the sea - when I submerge from the piles of real work awaiting me in the office, I look forward to sharing all.

Ciao bellas!  x


  1. "milky smelling cheese factories" --- hope you're going to be telling us more on that one?!

  2. Oh HOO-bloody-RAY and welcome back darl, missed you!

    Glad you enjoyed Italy, did you brush up on your plurals while you were there? ;-)


  3. Hi Kavey - Promise to reveal alll....mmm....

    Hi Hugh - Ha ha, you always bring a smile to the dial! My plurals were most embarrassing the entire time. And I seemed to add a mystery syllable to the middle of every place name I tried to pronounce. This justifies quite a few more trips to the boot for practise, I say. xx


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