Monday 9 August 2010

The new best burger in London....

Ok, ok it's asking for trouble to say it's the best burger in London. Because we all like different things, don't we. We fight with passion and spittle over cheese properties, bun type, the great mayo debate and the presence of the humble gherkin. And that's before we even get started on the outrageous use of cutlery.

So I'll change that to - "it's my
favourite burger in London". 
(Because it's the best.)

So far, my list of besties has been limited to:
Bar Boulud 

Yes, I'm nothing if not original.

But now the title goes to ... [opens envelope] ... the
Eastside Inn bar.

Yes, I was heading to legless on their fabulous cocktails when I ate it. Yes, I washed it down with the brilliant sommelier's secret stash of indulgent decanted something or other. And yes, I did see the face of Jesus in the ketchup dribbles on my plate.

But trust me, Bjorn has cracked the jackpot with this baby. Given the man's skills, he probably does not want to be known as the burger king of Farringdon. So it gives me no joy to offer him the crown.

The meat is perfectly charred, juicy and flavourful - there's a secret ingredient in there and I can tell it's going to take quite a few more vodka cocktails to get it out of him. The bun is a grilled brioche [tick].

It's £10 (or £9 without cheese if you are a weirdo). Steep for a burger? Well what price heavenly bliss?

And it's cheaper than Goodman's and Hawksmoor's anyway (but I still love you guys and will be sleeping on your doorstep on a regular basis when you open in Covent Garden).

If you disagree with me about how good it is, I'll shout you a burger at Byron. 

(I won't really.)

I would tell you how perfect the chips are with a special salt all of their own but, at this point, you might not believe me and will think I am on a blinkered rant. Trust me. Go there. Sit at the bar. Get yerself a wee cocktail. Tuck in your napkin. See the light.


Eastside Inn lounge bar, 40 St John Street, London EC1M 4AY (tel: 020 7490 9230)

The Eastside Inn bar opened next to the restaurant on 26 June 2010. I am still working on them for home delivery of the burgers.  (Oh, there's other nice stuff on the bar menu too. Or you can see my previous review of the bistro here. The links to my reviews of the other top burger places in London are within the above list in this post).

Postscript 3 September 2010: Sadly, it was announced today that The Eastside Inn has closed. I look forward to hearing about the next act of the talented duo, Bjorn and Justine van der Horst. Let's hope it includes the burger.

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  1. It that picture is anything to go by that looks like one tasty burger and it's not far from my flat. Definitely going to give this a go - what else is good on the bar menu?

  2. As someone that has smuggled ShakeShack burgers back to London from New York (after standing in line for over an hour) for the GreedyDiva, I can vouch for the quality of the Eastside Inn burger. Gold.

  3. If you can smuggle me back and In & Out you will have a customer for life

  4. Gav, if you promise to save me a bite (unlike others I could mention) then this may be a go'er

  5. Gav - Lucky you, to live so close. Let me know what you think. I need to go back and do a more thorough review of the rest of the bar menu, but felt the burger deserved a light hearted shout out in the meantime. The bar menu looked good, and I can vouch for the excellent, well made cocktails! For more on the bar menu, see the Grub Worm's recent review at:

    Anon (TPG): You have my eternal thanks and pride for the queueing and the burger smuggling. However, when it comes to saving you a bite (including of the other burger you bring home for yourself) - jet lag or no jet lag - you snooze, you lose.

  6. I love the fabulous contradiction of a dirty burger and top class cocktails, this is definitely going on the list of must-visits. (not that it wasn't already but the burger will probably expedite it up the list...)

  7. Better than the Meatwagon?

    This post has pushed Eastside Inn right to the top of my list :)

  8. I love it! And I must try it. It looks great.

  9. Gail - brilliant, isn't it?

    Simon - well, ahem, you got me there because the thought of trekking all the way to the Meatwagon to queue for ages only to find they may have sold out of key things has delayed me from sampling the goods. But they look insanely good, and I will try soon. But I can't imagine anything better than the EI burger - once we reach this level, it's going to come down to splitting hairs. Maybe we're in for a tie here.

    Eat Like A Girl - Thanks m'dear! If you need someone to help you prop up the bar, just say the word - after all this burger talk, I need another one.

  10. Oh my god this looks (and sounds) so god! I want one now please

  11. Oh my God - a new contender for the crown? Personally, I rate Hawksmoors above all others so far....but I havent tried this beauty yet. Burger at the Eastside Inn it is then.

  12. Hi Ute - me too!

    Hi Dan - enjoy, it's gold!

  13. The burger itself looks fantastic but I hesitate on the bun. I don't like those brioche-y type buns but it does have sesame seeds on it so I guess I'll reserve judgement until I can get down there! :) My favourite so far has to be Byron's....

  14. WineSleuth - Sesame seeds can be such a redeeming feature!

  15. OK folks, I have now tried The Meatwagon's burger. And yeah it's good (review to follow). But Bjorn's burger is still my number 1. I look forward to seeing where Bjorn and his burger turn up next since the Eastside Inn has sadly closed.

  16. The Best burger in London is at The Cross Keys in Chelsea. The wagyu burger in a brioche bun with truffle fries is phenomenal!

  17. Anon - Thanks for the tip.

  18. If you want a truly amazing will have to travel to sleepy Surrey town, Buckland to The Red Lion. This burger is 8oz and 100% beef, absolutely NOTHING is added to the meat, served with a toasted bun, mayo, tomato and freshly made and cooked onion rings, fries, salad and causlaw.


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