Tuesday 7 February 2012

Naked Japan, Albert Park, Melbourne

Unagi don

Misuzu's up the road may look the part, with its coloured lanterns bobbing prettily in the treetops, but the prices have soared through the roof.  So on a balmy summer's evening,  crack open an Asahi just down the road, in the far more laid back Naked Japan.

This is not gourmet, and the chopsticks may not be as shiny as those at Misuzu's. But its reasonable quality at "cheap eats" prices. The unagi (eel) sparkles in a saucy glaze, filling the mouth with oily freshness, and although there's a little too much dressing on the seaweed and sesame salad,  hotpots of beef are big, rich and soothing, tempura is light and crisp and udon noodle soups come steaming and loaded up with goodness. 

Seaweed salad

True, this is not one to cross town for, but if you're after a decent casual midweeker on the shady streets of Albert Park, a stones throw from the beach, you won't find much better value around. Service is always sweet, and it's BYO.

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  1. Hmmm I actually blogged about this place a few years ago and was not super impressed but perhaps it has picked up its socks a bit. Will have to reinvestigate!

  2. Hi GC - I checked out your review. I think it's good quality for the price. Not a go-to destination but a good, solid local for a midweeker.

  3. you won't find much better value around. Service is always sweet, and it's BYO.Will have to reinvestigate!and will also have to investigate www.textme4free.com the website you can use to text anywhere in the uk for free !!!I think it's good quality for the price

  4. Wish I found out about this earlier on my trip down-under!


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