Saturday 4 February 2012

Freestyle Espresso, South Melbourne

Black walls, '60s armchairs, cool tunes and a hideaway lane way location - Freestyle Espresso is another gem in Melbourne's cafe scene.

It's another one to wander into to escape the throng of the Saturday morning market. There's a big communal table loaded up with newspapers and magazines, and a few smaller tables inside or outdoor seating to catch the morning sun. But it's quiet and cruisy - totally freestylin'.

The brew here is good - quite heavy on the crema but strong, rich and full bodied. The all day brunch menu includes things like smashed avocado on toast and corn fritters with bacon and relish, while the front counter is stacked with thick sourdough sandwiches, tarts, salads and cakes.

Go for the coffee if nothing else. Open 7 days.

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  1. Am loving all these South Melbourne cafes you are finding. It is making that neck of the woods seem even more attractive in the house hunting stakes!

  2. I love the hedge above the building, very 'Omotesando' chic...

  3. Gourmet Chick - Am doing my best to ensure we become near neighbours. Oh dear lord, imagine our waistlines with all those brunches we could catch up for.

    The Perfect Trough - I had to look up Omotesando, but think you're right there. The little courtyard with tables is totally cool.

  4. It was a bit pretentious and wanky of me. I'm off to Tokyo in a few weeks so mildly obsessed!

    Check out Omotesando Koffee...

  5. Hi The Perfect Trough - Really? I didn't find it pretentious at all. Was super laid back when I was there, but I guess the black walls and scandi furniture might give off that vibe or attract a certain crowd...just not on my visits.


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