Thursday 6 January 2011

Vinoteca, Farringdon - revisited

Vinoteca is one of my favourite restaurants - it made my top 10 list for 2010 and I have given it a brief review previously. So when the snow fell like a heavy blanket across London recently, Vinoteca was the place we looked to for a long lunch over some heart warming food and wines.

It's as much a wine bar as a restaurant, I suppose - although that suggestion may not do the fantastic food justice. The walls are decorated with vintage posters and shelves laden with wine bottles, the crowd is a mix of young and old, and it's about as far from a pretentious scene as you can get while quaffing in style. With its lively, casual atmosphere, it remains one of my favourite places for a great meal at reasonable prices that allow you to indulge all the more. If you haven't been, go.

Here's some more reasons why, from our most recent session there in December:

Seared scallops with broad bean puree and black pudding

Chunky ham hock terrine with fabulous home made piccalilli & crispy toast

Amazing, fleshy Dover sole with Moroccan cous cous
- from memory, a bargain at around £17

Crepe with wild, earthy mushrooms and oozey goats cheese

Shared sticky toffee pudding with warm caramel sauce - one to fight over

This meal just made me want to go back again. I'm looking forward to giving their new gaff, Vinoteca in Seymour Place, Marylebone a try.

Vinoteca, 7 St John Street, Smithfield/Farringdon, London EC1M 4AA (Tel: 020 7253 8786)

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  1. Oh, fab pics, mouthwatering. I love Vinoteca but haven't been there in months. Must go soon. Also need to try Seymour Place.

  2. That Dover Sole looks fabulous, as do the rest. For consistently good food, this is one of my go-to places. They had a change of chef last year I think but quality didn't drop one bit. Deservedly good write up (and like Niamh said, great pix).

  3. Niamh - I can't wait to get to Seymour Place. Must plan something.

    The Grubworm - The Dover sole was fantastic.

  4. You have totally reminded me of how much I love Vinoteca. Those colours in the photos are fantastic particularly the peas with the scallops and the fish. Revisit needed asap.

  5. excellent photos! What camera do you use?

    I've been to Vinoteca a few times now; I haven't seen much written about their new place, but I'm looking forward to visiting.

  6. Gourmet Chick - I'm already thinking about a revisit too!

    Lizzie - Thanks. I got a new camera recently, but it's just a little point and shoot - a Canon Powershot S95. It's so much better than my old one.

  7. The Seared scallops with broad bean puree and black pudding looks amazing. Great photo. I'm now hungry.

  8. Paul - Thanks. We were sitting right next to the window which seems to have helped the photography! Everything was just as good as it looked.


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