Wednesday 21 April 2010

Bodean's BBQ Smoke House: American BBQ in all its greasy chin glory: In London

If it's big meaty portions of chin wiping, greasy fingers glory you’re after, Bodean’s is not a bad option. It’s probably not Texas, but it might be the most convenient way to imagine you’re chowing through a good ol’ Texan BBQ in the heart of London.

We’ve been a number of times now, always at the desperate behest of The Peanut Gallery, when he needs his fill of American, cowboy hat wearing, testosterone filled, beer swilling, gut thumping stuff. Or when he wants to watch the football on the big screens.

On the ground floor is the casual deli/diner. Downstairs is a dark restaurant which looks like a sports bar. I prefer the ground floor bit.

I always go for one of the gigantic hot deli sandwiches (in hamburger buns) – usually the Pulled Pork as pictured (£5.25) with mounds of juicy pulled pork piled on a toasted bun, topped with BBQ sauce. There are also sandwiches with pastrami, burnt ends, brisket, coleslaw, slow cooked pork shoulder, or combinations of the above. The fries are good too.

TPG recently tried the beef hot dog (£4.95) – just like any junky-in-a-good-way hot dog to me, although he (being more of a hot dog man) seemed pretty happy with it (although it's not in the same league as Shake Shack's in New York). This was, of course, just a “side dish” to his BBQ chicken burger (£6.95). I consider it mandatory that all this be washed down with the beer on tap. Preferably while beating your chest and shouting at the big screen.

The pulled pork and ribs are the signature dishes. The ribs are enormous. Even the salads are heart attack inducing.

I also love the ample trays of USA condiments on offer – condiments make us happy.

You’ve probably been already (there’s quite a few branches – we go to the Soho one). If not, for decent quality cow or pig, when you don’t want to spend your weekly food budget on some of the limited places in London cooking top notch meat, I think it’s a decent goer. If you know a better place for American style barbecue, centrally located, I'd love to hear about it - I'll pass it on to The Peanut Gallery as his birthday present.

If you're prepared to pay extra for some of the best pieces of meat in London, go to Hawksmoor or Goodman - but you won't be able to watch the football and howl at the moon while you eat it.

Bodean's BBQ Smoke House, 10 Poland Street, Soho, London W1D 8PZ

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  1. If I can't think of anywhere else to go, I'll hit up Bodean's. I used to hate the pulled pork, but I had a decent effort recently, and the burnt ends are always good. The seasoned fries are fantastic for frozen!

  2. We regularly go to the Bodeans in Fulham, but were actually quite disappointed the last time we went, there was nothing really wrong, but it was just rather disappointing. I am not quite sure if we shall be trying there again.

  3. Howling at the moon? Tub thumping, beer swilling, testosterone fuelled meat guzzling? I'm so there! Haven't had a good bbq out for a long time... this, particularly the pulled pork. Mmm-mmm.

  4. Bodeans is the perfect hangover cure, especially the pig out on a tenner. I always sit downstairs as the last time I sat on the ground floor I stank of meat for the rest of the day.

  5. Hot dog as a 'side dish' - I love that concept!

  6. Ibzo - Agree, it's one of those lazy but "I need grease" options for me.

    Helen - I've actually never been too disappointed, but admittedly I don't go in with very high expectations. It generally fills the need for me.

    Aaron - There's definitely a time and a place for tub thumping in everyone's life surely!

    Lizzie - So funny: I probably do reek of meat all night without realising!!

    Mr Noodles - Yep, the hot dog side is going to take off.

  7. The day we found Bodeans, husband said maybe we can make it in London a little longer (we are two American expats from wide open spaces and London has been a shock to our system). Anyway he needs lots of protein and often has to order two entrees to feed his American size appetite. I love their BBQ sauce. The Big Easy is another place we frequent for some BBQ and down home cooking. Not what you'd find in any Southern BBQ joint in the states, but definitely a good meal and great prices for London.

  8. Gastroanthrologist - 2 entrees at Bodean's is impressive work. Agree prices are good - especially the pig out for a tenner deal.

  9. Heart attack inducing salads!! Ha ha, love your writing. Haven't been here for more than 10 years, but the look of that sandwich really sold it to me. Perfect place to pop in after an evening's pubbing.

  10. Yeah used to go to Bodean's as it served pretty good tasting food at decent prices. Service can be a bit hit and miss though, at the Westbourne Grove branch anyway.

  11. The London Foodie - Thanks! Yep, good place to soak up the evening's beers. Or start off with them...!

    Wild Boar - I've only been to the Soho branch, but agree it's decent value.

  12. I still haven't managed to try the burnt ends, but the pulled pork is great. I find the sugar on the fries a bit odd though...but the boyf loves the place!

  13. Hi Gail - Sugar on the fries?!! How odd - I've never witnessed that one! Definitely a place the boyf's tend to go for!

  14. I have recently had pulled pork at Regents Place market - really good. Got chatting to the stall holder and they smoke all their own meat. BBQ sauce better than Bodeans too!


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