Saturday 10 September 2011

Nopi for brunch

Black rice, coconut milk, banana and mango

I love a good brunch. Nopi is probably better known for its small plates of colourful vegetables, burratas and other Middle Eastern and Meditterranean fare served at lunch and dinner (here's my earlier review). However, it's a lively place for a gorgeous brunch too (it's just not strong on the coffee - we went home for a plunger after - and I reckon £2.50 should buy you a whole pot of English tea rather than a mug). These gripes aside, some good looking food with exotic flavours is a pearler of a way to kick start the weekend.

 Here are some pics of our brunch at Nopi this morning. The pastries and the fruit salad with yoghurt and granola looked great, and how good do the the doughnuts with orange yoghurt and blackcurrent compote sound? (I'll be sure to report back.) And it's easy to get a table.

Shakshuka - North African dish of braised eggs with pepper and tomato

Safer to stick to the tea than the coffee here

Nopi, 21-22 Warwick Street, London, W1B 5NE (About £25 for 2 for brunch)

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  1. Shocked to hear the coffee at Nopi is not good, as the coffee preparation at Ottolenghi has in my experience been better than at nearly any other restaurant (as opposed to cafe) in London.

  2. Thanks for the heads up- the black rice looks fabulous.

  3. Brunch is one of my favourite meals of the day (along with breakfast, lunch, dinner, tea...ok, who am I kidding?) and this looks great, especially the black rice. Still not got round to trying Nopi for any meals, but need to rectify this soon as I loved Ottolenghi's recipes.

  4. Doughnuts with orange yogurt and blackcurrant compote? I'm there.


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