Monday 2 May 2011

Natural Wine Fair, London

I have just rolled off the train from Burgundy. Quite literally. My bloodstream is approximately 80% Meursault and 30% Beef Bourguignon. It may be hard to track down a plate of salad on the Cote D'or, but it certainly is a wine lover's paradise.

More on that later. In the meantime, while I still have out my red stained tasting glass, here's a brief plug for the Natural Wine Fair coming to London from 15-17 May 2011.

Natural wines are made without the addition of any synthetic chemicals (and usually no additives at all) from vineyards grown without the use of pesticides, fertilizers etc so they are, at a minimum, organic. All grapes are hand harvested and no yeasts or sugar are added to the wines. There are lots of different definitions about organic, biodynamic and natural wines, but I think you get my drift.

Isabelle Legeron (of "That Crazy French Woman") and 5 natural wine importers are sharing their passion for natural wines by bringing to London's Borough Market the Natural Wine Fair, showcasing 120 growers with 500 wines. I tasted some, and as much as I was sceptical about EVER finding a natural wine I liked (having given it a decent go at Terroirs and the like) I am now a convert, at least to continue exploring them. There are some really interesting wines to be tried - and, as much as I enthusiastically applied myself to the task, I didn't have a hangover the next day. Is there really something in that, or coincidence (the argument goes that it's the lack of sulphites in the wines that helps avoid the hangover, but is there any evidence)?

The fair is open to all on Sunday 15 May 2011 from 10am - 6pm (and to trade only on 16 and 17 May 2011). Buy a ticket for £18 and you will receive a catalogue, a tasting glass to keep and the opportunity to hold out your hand to try 500 natural wines and chat with the wine makers along the way. See the website for more information. Bottoms up!

The Natural Wine Fair, 15 May 2011, 10am - 6pm, Borough Market, London (


  1. Gorgeous picture GD - Burgundy?

  2. Anonymous03 May, 2011

    you CAN get a hangover from natural wines, believe me! ;)

  3. 2nd that winesleuth !!

    If you drink enough it you will get a hangover. The sulfite argument is only true if you are sensitive or alergic to it.

    Natural wines can be very expressive and exhibit wonderful regionality and should be drunk for that reason.

  4. Gourmet Chick - Yes, Burgundy. Such a beautiful area! More on that to follow...

    Winesleuth - Thanks for the confirmation. I trust you have tested this out thoroughly!

    Gregory - Thanks for your comment. There are some really unique and interesting wines to be tried among the natural wines - a good enough reason to try them out, even if it still means hitting the Gatorade before bed!

  5. I have generally found a pint of h2o and vegimite & butter toast to be as good as any cure.... the old uni habbits die hard

  6. Havent been to a wine tasting event in ages! If it's at the Borough Market in London, then that's not too far from me. Have marked my diary for that Sunday. Thanks for this. Lovely shot of the vineyard, by the way.

  7. I spent a week cycling through Burgundy last September and had an amazing time (though the cycling kind of cramped my style in terms of restaurants and wine tasting). Looking forward to hearing about your trip!

  8. Gregory - I second that on the Vegemite!

    Jane - Enjoy!

    An American in London - Cycling around Burgundy would be amazing - stunning area and so many vineyards close to each other.

  9. Your hotel room looks cosy and lush at the same time *love*. Eating in France is always so grand and this is no exception.


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