Sunday 27 June 2010

Trinity: Clapham Common, London

Having heard great things about Trinity, I'm surprised it's taken me so long to grace its tables. But then friend Ben, quite the Trinity regular (and trusted eating accomplice, having married the woman who arranged another excellent dinner at La Petite Maison), made a booking for 6 of us one night this week, reserving the £20 prix fix menu (for 3 courses). The time had come.

The ragout of smoked haddock, orzo pasta and peas served in a deep bowl was sumptuous, and TPG's summery chilled pea and mint soup was almost as good.

My salad of beef rump with bone marrow beignet, sweet celeriac puree, white onion fondant "and meat juices" was as fresh, pleasing and colourful to the eye as it was to the palate. (The mug shots by Blackberry do the dish no justice). Those who have gripes about food served on black plates might quibble, but would be satisfactorily muted at first bite.

The slow cooked belly of middle white pork with hot potato soup, apple and watercress was enjoyed with equal enthusiasm by my fellow diners. Only poor TPG, with his rather bland fillet of Loch Duart salmon, was left gaping jealously at the surrounding dishes. Even the dainty, zingy ragout of broad beans and lemon puree didn't save him. I flung him the odd sliver of beef to put him out of his misery.

The cox apple tarte fine with liquorice ice cream was another delight in simplicity, even if presentation was a little odd. Our affable waiter happily offered to swap the liquorice ice cream to the orange and poppyseed ice cream for those interested - probably a good move since the apple and liquorice sound like they won't match well, and they don't. However, each element was individually lovely.

It's a happy circumstance that cheeses are also an option instead of dessert as part of the prix fixe menu (although, sadly, you have to choose 1 of the 3 cheeses on offer).

At £20 for 3 courses, the prix fixe option is most certainly a bargain (although - as usual - we ended up spending double once wine and service was factored in). If you want the prix fixe deal, you must reserve it in advance (Mon-Thurs only). Apart from a bit of a wait for menus and waters at the start, service was excellent - helpful, friendly and relaxed. The decor is nothing earth shattering but fairly light and airy - even more so on a warm summer's evening when the windows were thrown open to the outside world.

Various other menu options are also available. A la carte prices range between £8-£12 for entrees and £18-£24 for mains (or £30 for the lobster dish). These prices are certainly reasonable for food and service of this quality.

An absolute must for local Clapham Commoners, and well worth a trip for the rest of us.

Trinity, 4 The Polygon, Clapham, London, SW4 0JG (Tel: 020 7622 1199)

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  1. Hurrah, am so pleased you've finally made it to my favourite local! Must admit the licorice ice cream does sound a bit odd but otherwise it sounds like you got typical terrific Trinity fare. Wish I'd known you were in my neck of the woods though, we could have met up for a cocktail or two :-)

  2. Hugh - I didn't know you were a local! Lucky you - I'd eat at Trinity all the time if it was mine. I think the Sunday lunch option sounds fab too.

  3. Hey Carly, gosh you wrote that v quickly! Glad to hear you enjoyed your meal and at £20 for a 3-course, it is a steal! I will definitely be going now. Thanks for the lovely review.

    Luiz @ The London Foodie

  4. it really is a quality gig that evolves with the seasons. I have enjoyed their prix fixe menu, tasting menu or the fabulous sunday lunch and always feel it represents good value. It is a shame that this is not always the case with many restaurants in our fair city.

    Just lucky to have it on my door step.

  5. Wow that prix fixe is brilliant value - good review Carly

  6. The London Foodie - It's a bargain for the great quality fare. I'm sure you'd love it.

    Gregory - You are lucky indeed. I'd be quite the regular if I lived nearby.

    Gourmet Chick - Thanks - it's great value, and I like the sound of the Sunday lunch offer too.


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