Tuesday 6 October 2009

Birth of the Greedy Diva...

Flush with inspiration, I’ve decided to stop ranting randomly at my friends about my latest food haunts and travel tips, and to brave the world of foodie blogs. The focus will be a combination of restaurant posts and travel-revolving-around-the-food posts.

Yes, the most likely scenario is that I will be the only one to read it. But it gives me one more excuse to keep indulging my obsession – with reading about, talking about and eating good food. And I’m hoping this will be a place your can share your thoughts and food finds of your own. Feel free to heckle.

As a result of a lifetime spent with a mind’s eye constantly on the next meal, and having taken over 30 trips in the past 3 years on food obsessed missions, I have a plentiful backlog of tips to share.

In the interests of WWW anonymity, I’m trying to overcome the cringe factor in referring to myself in the third person, the Greedy Diva. But rest assured I take the food far more seriously than I take myself!

The Greedy Diva is born…


  1. BrightonSuz28 October, 2009

    Just read through all your reviews and they're great fun - some are of places I've been, and some of places I plan on visiting in the near future. Keep them coming, I'll look forward to reading more.

  2. Hi BrightonSuz - thank you! Lovely to have you tuning in - sounds like we have similar tastes. Thanks for your comments. Greedy.


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